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Relational Expressive Arts practices can help you to experience, reclaim, and redefine how you express and empower your whole Self and also how to receive others' presence with gratitude and kindness. [Expressing heART] is a space envisioned to help nurture healing and connection though creative, compassionate, and playful ways.

The expressive arts spectrum includes visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing, culinary arts, nature and other creative processes that can foster deep personal growth and community development.

When we actively engage in using the expressive arts, we are re-discovering our "creative languages." Each artistic medium then becomes a different and unique "expressive" partner, helping us to co-author and bring form to our imaginations, emotions, and life experiences. It is in our DNA to make things and share them with our community. These practices allow us to forge meaningful and healing relationships, and maybe for even a brief moment, offer a safe place where Everyone can meet.

Steven Hosking MA, LPC, is multimodal artist, expressive arts therapist, and SEL educator. He is also a certified JourneyDance™ facilitator, yoga teacher, and Reiki practitioner who teaches at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and in other in-person and virtual settings across the country.  In 2018 he founded The Expressive Heart LLC, along with the dream of one day building his self-designed “Expressing heART Tiny House" as his home base while he partners with other studios and schools across the country.