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[Follow Your heART] Sessions

5 week creativity + expressive arts coaching package

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Together, we will co-create and explore your preferred (or non-preferred) expressive arts modalities in order to practice letting go of your inner critic and ultimately nurture your unique creative process - to create from a place of mindful presence, self-love, and playful curiosity! This personal and virtual experience is designed to be intentional and action-based due to the 5 consecutive sessions occurring within the timespan of 5-8 weeks. By breaking up coaching into 5 week increments, we put concentrated energy into the creation or practice of something super intentional and rooted in your present circumstances. In our initial session, we will hone in on your "present" why and desires for this work. Moving forward we might design an intuitive and intentional project(s) that align with your goals and present emotions or sometimes we will be guided to trust the process and just "play in the creative experience that is being called. FOR THE PERSON WANTING: - to learn how to express and love your authentic Self (body, mind, heart, emotions, and spirit) more fully through the use of different arts mediums and modalities. - to reconnect with your innate creativity, power, and playfulness. - to practice being in creative and kind relationship with yourself, another person, your family, or nature. - to find more confidence in and connection to your creative "WHY" - whether it's related to your job, your hobby, or your personal expression. -to move through any personal and creative blocks. This type of work is for EVERYONE at any age or level of experience. Whether you consider yourself a novice, non-creative, had negative "creative" experience as a kid, or are a visual/performing arts student or professional - I believe we are all capable of being amazingly artistic and expressive in any modality. We just have to allow ourselves to connect with and trust our unique human instrument and allow these gifts to be shared! ***Open to inquiries about making this work available to you in-person, if location and timing allows.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 in advance. Thank you!

Contact Details

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