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let's create together!

One on one "therapeutic creativity sessions"are designed for individuals, pairs, families, or small groups. They can be virtual, but in-person sessions are magical (and I am happy to explore location or travel options, if the desire is there)!


Expression Sessions

Expression Sessions

Enter a mindful, creative, playful, and collaborative space where we will use "relational expressive arts" as our gateway to accomplish or explore what is present for you.

These sessions can be singular or accumulative; intuitive or specifically themed; focused on one particular creative modality or open to the flow of multiple creative modalities (visual arts, music, movement, writing/poetry, theater, nature, yoga, culinary, etc). 


Movement Sessions

Movement Sessions

Movement and dance allow us to release challenging emotions and stressful patterns  while also allowing us to tap into our joy, power, and inner wisdom.

Individual and group sessions may utilize or combine practices such as breathwork, yoga, improvisation, authentic movement, theater games, dance/drama/music therapies, and JourneyDance™. 


These movement sessions are not about learning steps or being "perfect," but playfully and bravely exploring, revealing, and re-discovering what you need. Moving your heART.

No movement or dance experience is necessary.  Modifications and accomadations can be made for any being - just come curious and open :) 

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